Parish Pump 2nd October 2016

Trinity 19 Readings Habakkuk 1.1-4; 2.1-4; 2 Timothy 1.1-14; Luke 17.5-10
Harvest Readings Deuteronomy 26.1-11; Philippians 4.4-9; John 6.25-35
Today – Trinity 18
Harvest Thanksgiving Boylestone, Church Broughton & Longford
8.00a.m. Holy Communion – Church Broughton
9.30a.m. Holy Communion – Boylestone
10.00a.m. Family Service – Church Broughton
11.15a.m. Holy Communion – Longford
11.00a.m. Holy Communion  – Dalbury
3.00p.m. Evensong – Trusley
7.00p.m. Evensong – Long Lane
Macmillan Coffee  morning – Church Broughton School
Tuesday 7.30p.m. Charles Hanson Valuation Evening – Lees Village Hall (Tickets ring 01332-824507 or 01332-824507
Wednesday  2.00p.m. Funeral of Ethel Prince – Sutton
7.00p.m. Longford PCC
Saturday 7.30p.m. Radbourne Harvest Organ Concert
Next Sunday – Trinity 19
Harvest Thanksgiving Radbourne
8.30a.m. Holy Communion – Long Lane
9.30a.m. Holy Communion – Church Broughton
11.00a.m. Mattins – Sutton
11.00a.m. Harvest Holy Communion – Radbourne
12.10p.m. Holy Communion – Trusley
5.00p.m. Holy Communion – Boylestone
6.30p.m. Evensong – Longford
Advance Notice
Dalbury Harvest Service
Sunday 16th October at 11.00a.m.
Trusley Harvest Service
Sunday 23rd October at 6.45p.m.

We remember in our prayers
Today  West Africa The Most Revd Dr Daniel Sarfo Primate & Metropolitan, CPWA, Archbishop of the Internal province of Ghana and Bishop of Kumasi
Monday Hyderabad – (Pakistan) The Rt Revd Kaleem John
Tuesday  Ibadan – (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Most Revd Joseph Akinfenwa
Wednesday Ibadan North – (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Segun Okubadejo
Thursday Ibadan South – (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Jacob Ajetunmobi
Benefice of Aston-on-Trent, The parish of All Saints Aston-on-Trent, Clergy: Tony Luke, Paul Hygate Readers: Bruce Ward , Suzanne Williams,
Friday Ibba – (Minye, Sudan) The Rt Revd Wilson Elisa Kamani
Idah – ( Abuja, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Joseph Musa
Benefice of Aston-on-Trent , The parish of St Bartholomew Elvaston, Clergy: Tony Luke, Paul Hygate Readers: Bruce Ward , Suzanne Williams,
Saturday Idaho – (VIII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Brian Thom
Diocesan Vocations Day
Sunday Groaner
Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president, and 50
or Miss America?
A WC worth visiting
Years ago a young couple were house-hunting in rural Somerset, and so visited an elderly clergyman who had a cottage for sale. Later they could not remember seeing a bathroom in the property, and so wrote asking where the WC might be.
The minister was not familiar with the term, and decided they must be asking for the nearest Wesleyan Church. And so he wrote them this reply:
‘Dear … I regret to inform you that the nearest WC is fifty miles away, which is most unfortunate if you are in the habit of going regularly. This one is situated in a beautiful valley, and many local people make a day of it, setting off in early morning and taking picnics with them. Some travel by car, others by bus, and some (on foot) arrive just in time. A bell rings 20 minutes before the WC opens, and there is plenty of standing room if you are late.

Inside, there are 40 plush seats, and beautiful carvings on the walls. The children sing as they process in, and there is even an organ accompaniment. I hope this will encourage you to visit it, and enjoy what it offers. I myself have not been for five months, and you can imagine this pains me very much. Yours faithfully…

The Parish Pump can be found on the internet at


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