Parish Pump 13th August 2017 – Trinity 9

Readings 1 Kings 19.9-18; Romans 10.5-15; Matthew 14.22-33


Today – Trinity 9
8.30a.m. Holy Communion – Long Lane
9.30a.m. Holy Communion – Church Broughton
11.00a.m. Holy Communion – Radbourne
11.00a.m. Mattins – Sutton
12.10p.m. Holy Communion – Trusley
5.00p.m. Holy Communion – Boylestone
6.30p.m. Evensong – Longford

6.30p.m. Boylestone short farewell service

Next Sunday – Trinity 9
8.00a.m. Holy Communion – Sutton
9.30a.m. Holy Communion – Church Broughton
10.00a.m. Family Service – Longford
11.00a.m. Holy Communion – Dalbury
12.10p.m. Holy Communion – Trusley
7.00p.m. Evensong – Long Lane

Sunday Groaner
Go on
The critic started to leave in the middle of the second act of the play. ‘Don’t go now,’ he pleaded. ‘I promise there’s a terrific kick in the next act.’
‘Fine’, was the retort. ‘Give it to the author.’
Music appreciation
The music critic enthused: “Here is Tchaikovsky at his best. Music so beautiful it has to be heard to be appreciated.”
A lot of music is like that.
“Did the play have an unhappy ending?”
“Oh no – everyone was glad when it was over!”
Teacher: Donald, how do you spell crocodile?
Donald: K-R-O-K-O-D-I-A-L
Teacher: No, that’s incorrect.
Donald: Maybe it is, but you asked me how I spell it.

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